“I firmly believe in the power of faith leaders to shape our world for good.”   

(Secretary-General - Remarks on the Launch of the Fez Plan of Action, 14 July 2017) 

Religious actors can play significant roles in conflict prevention and resolution in a wide range of contexts. They are present in most conflict settings and quite often wield the moral authority and convening power needed to engage conflict parties. They will often have country wide presences and be able to contact remote or otherwise hard-to-reach actors. In many instances, religious actors have provided valuable support to the conduct of Track I peace processes. The UN recognizes this contribution.  

The Secretary-General has underlined the shared values between the UN and religious entities and reiterated the need to engage with them at all levels, including at the subnational level where conflicts with religious elements are prevalent. MSU supports system-wide efforts to deepen understanding of the intersection between religion and mediation and is providing the tools to broaden collaboration with faith-based actors in addressing conflict and violence.  

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Operational support to religious peacemakers
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