UN Guidance on Effective Mediation

The United Nations has drawn on its extensive experience as well as the expertise of partners to develop practical guidance material to support mediation actors. Most recently, the Secretary General developed the United Nations Guidance for Effective Mediation in response to a request from the General Assembly (A/RES/65/283). The Guidance is designed as a reference document, drawing on the experiences of Member States, the United Nations system, regional, sub-regional and other international organizations, non-governmental organizations, women’s groups, religious leaders, the academic community, as well as mediators and mediation specialist.


The Guidance identifies a number of key fundamentals that should be considered in mediation processes: 

  • preparedness; 

  • consent; 

  • impartiality; 

  • inclusivity; 

  • national ownership; 

  • international law and normative frameworks; 

  • coherence; coordination and complementarity of the mediation effort; and 

  • quality peace agreements. 

Guidance for Effective Mediation

UN Guidance on Effective Mediation


The following are reflections by members of the United Nations Standby Team of Mediation Advisors on the importance of each fundamental contained in the Guidance: