Constitution making is a central aspect of conflict prevention and peacebuilding, as well as the promotion of human rights, the rule of law and sustainable human development. For the United Nations, constitution making is a broad concept that covers the process of drafting or amending a constitution, the substance of constitutional text, and the subsequent implementation of a constitution. Both the process and substance are critical elements of constitution making. 

The UN is committed to providing constitutional assistance in a manner that respects national sovereignty, promotes democratic values and the international norms for which the UN stands, is sensitive to the context of the country concerned, and ensures national leadership and ownership. UN constitutional assistance is as focused on the process of making or revising a constitution as it is on the content of the constitution, as the likelihood of forging a durable social compact is enhanced if citizens and groups feel they are genuinely included in the reform process. 

The Constitutions section of UN Peacemaker aims to provide actors involved in peace processes and the negotiation of peace agreements specifically with key knowledge material related to constitutions and constitution making in order to support their work effectively. These resources include UN documents and guidance in the areas of constitutional design and constitution making processes, as well as a selected library of publications focusing on specific thematic issues that often arise during constitution making.