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We have decades of combined experience, specializing in investments in emerging market and disruptive technology companies, and commercial real estate.

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Thanks to the creation of IRS Qualified Opportunity Zones, investors can now re-invest capital gains taxes, and keep 100% of their gains tax-free.

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Right now, we are living in a truly historic time, and investors are getting historic returns on their investments in the cannabis space.

What was once a controversial industry is now

A Golden Opportunity

The gold rush of the 21st century is no longer relegated to California—it’s a fully-fledged, nationwide, money-making phenomena that have investors clamoring to get their foot in the door (and returns in their bank accounts). CBD alone is projected to grow in sales by 700% from 2017 to 2020 (Forbes). Consider that every day new reports come out showing how cannabis products are helping people with a larger and larger array of conditions, including athletes who are discovering its use as an athletic recovery and anti-inflammation supplement that provides a competitive advantage.

Decades of research and legislation bring

Waves of Change

Big pharma has 40 drugs waiting in the wings to be produced the day federal “prohibition” is lifted – all of which depend on the inclusion cannabinoids. From reducing epileptic tremors and shrinking cancerous tumors, to the prevention of Alzheimer’s, new studies are showing incredible new benefits from this plant.

Indoor Grow Facility

Many mainstream investors are also seeing

A Virtual Gold Mine

With state legal businesses now operating unmolested by federal authorities, public opinion at 61% in favor of legalization, and the market booming at all levels, we are at the tipping point where investors can take a relatively smaller risk for huge upside — all before banking institutions and big business can enter the market.


Opportunity Zone Fund


Designated Opportunity Zones


Minimum Investment

Green Means ‘Go!’

Zone Opportunity Fund was created on the premise that investors who wish to invest in the cannabis space should have an opportunity to do so, and do it NOW. Every week, we discover farmers, lab operators, and other operators at various stages of their business that need funding in the hemp/CBD/cannabis sectors. We look for plans and operations that realistically project high returns for our investor group, vet the plan, and if we see a great opportunity, we add it to the fund portfolio.

Financing the Future

The powerful effects of CBD, which can be separated from the psychoactive THC component of cannabis, have proven it is the future of medicine.

Tax-Free Gains?

Seriously, it sounds too good to be true. But it’s not. Not even retirement accounts are this good. Keep your investment for 10 years and keep your gains… TAX FREE.

Industry Experts at Your Side

When we think we’ve found a project that will deliver great returns and upside to our fund, we turn over every rock to try and identify risk factors.

Set-up for Success

We only choose projects that we believe have the best chance of not only short-term success, but also contain long-term and sizable upside potential.

A burgeoning industry with

Unlimited Growth Potential

Cultivation of hemp/cannabis is going to be a great business for years to come, as the industry is projected to grow by 1000% over the next 10 years. In California, for example, it is reported that there will be a shortage of state-legal/compliant cannabis farmers (LA Times, 1/27/2018). We’ve been focused on dozens of cultivation businesses in various stages of development, who have plans to startup or expand cultivation operations.

That Was Then…

This Is Now.

It wasn’t that long ago when anyone who shaved and kept their hair above their ears would even give a second thought about investing in the cannabis industry, but times sure have changed. The trillions of dollars spent on trying to keep this industry illegal couldn’t hold back the tide gates, once California voters made their voices heard in the mid ’90s. Now, there are a growing number of states that welcome, not only the tax dollars, but the medicinal contributions of “The Devil’s Weed”.

Are You Ready?

There’s really nothing to lose, and everything to gain with the IRS Opportunity Funds program. Your investment helps to further the research, manufacture, and implementation of ultramodern medicinal remedies and cures.

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